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 Workshops for Teenagers

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'As headmaster of Broughton Jewish, Dr. Bernstein would walk around the grounds, connecting with students and making memories that last. This was a few years ago - since then he has left that position and has been undertaking projects he’s passionate about.

As a sought-after global speaker who could effortlessly connect with people of all walks of life, Dr. Bernstein would fly around the world on a frequent and continuous basis to give over the knowledge, in an interesting way, of how to improve family life, relationships and education.


Then COVID began and all the travelling had to come to a standstill; yet, he prevailed to continue to better communities, but this time online. After spending months constantly refining how to give over an online workshop, he has now perfected the art, or at least as close as one can.

Dr. Bernstein is now starting an online workshop for teens. This course will give arbitrary advice to teens on how they can improve their relations with all the people they know in life, as much of the success in life can be attributed to relationships and connections.


Currently, only adults are being taught how to do so, so Dr. Bernstein asked the most important question one can ask "Why not?" - why not teach teenagers how to do drastically improve their life?

Dr. Bernstein’s program will demonstrate skills that can be used, from how to reasonably clarify to a teacher when they feel they’ve been wronged, to even when’s the best time to ask for something.

SiteAwe Philanthropy, the management company that has paired up with Dr. Bernstein, have put out adverts that have caused some controversy. They stirred conversation, knowing parents and teenagers would be magnetised, by promoting this course under the title ‘How to get what you want from your parents’.

Properly embracing the average teenagers’ lack of attention span, Dr. Bernstein and SiteAwe Philanthropy limited workshops to one a week of half an hour. By doing all this, Dr Bernstein seems hyper-focused on the aforementioned target audience.

This course has received video endorsements by teen mental health experts, some of which list as Menachem Dovid Kanter, Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg and Rabbi Yechiel Cohen - see below.

For more information on this course, contact 07729 614061, email or visit'

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