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Dr. Bernstein delivers online Zoom private tutoring classes and revision courses both1:1 and in groups. 

French Tutoring

As his specialist teaching area and the subject of his doctoral thesis on French Grammar, French tutoring at all levels runs at the core of Dr. Bernstein's practice. His enthusiasm, knowledge and skills leads to him being an inspirational educator.

➤ All Aspects Of French: Beginner To A Level

➤ Expert Help And Tips With All Aspects Of French Grammar

➤ Improving Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading And Writing

➤ Improve Your Exam Performance: Group Seminars Including Great Exam Tips

➤ Multiple Choice Practice And Improved Performance

➤ Short Cuts To The Oral Exam: Far Less Preparation For Far Better Results!

➤ Improving Reading Comprehension & Developing Written Skills Through Short Stories

➤Developing Essay Writing Skills: a simple, structured approach


English Tutoring

Dr. Bernstein has taught English to both adults and children, at all levels.


Read here what this 16 year-old pupil recently said about how Dr. Bernstein "enhanced [his] knowledge, skills, esteem and much, much more" and how this student managed to "stay focused and learn so much".

Topics covered include:

➤ SPAG - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

➤ Exam Practice and techniques

 Past English language papers

➤ Public speaking

 Essay writing

➤ Creative writing and ‘Branching’ stories


"Dear Dr Leon Bernstein B.Ed (Hons) MA PhD NPQH


I am writing this letter in the format and structure you have taught us to write formal letters. With the final lesson now over, I possess a great deal of bittersweet feelings. On one hand, I am grateful the GCSEs are coming to an end; however, I am truly saddened with the conclusion of our happy, energizing, adventurous (especially when we are sent to the ‘cornfield’), genuinely exciting times we all share together.


When I first began learning in ….., two and a half years ago, my academic future seemed bleak. I wasn’t quite sure I would achieve any GCSE – let alone English. As time went on, I never really felt a determination or yearning to progress – as I deemed it a hopeless fantasy. However, when I heard knowledge of an opportunity, a prospect of accomplishing something, I was well on board. At first, I was reluctant and pessimistic about being educated from abroad, but I gave it my best. I recall conversing with my mother with regards to how confident I felt I was in the English subject, and that I needed little or no help.


However, looking back at that first essay, I could not have been more wrong. It is hard to describe the extent you have enhanced my knowledge, skills, esteem and much, much more. English was so dull prior to our lessons, today, I see it through a completely different lens. You have opened this door which I did not know existed. Because you have equipped us with the skills and abilities needed to produce a good piece of literature, I now find it exciting and pleasurable to do so.


We began at the very foundation; I will admit that even this was a little new and challenging for me. Seeing what we have now achieved, makes me immensely grateful for your patience and willpower to teach us. You indeed brought out what I am capable of, a skill that would have gone completely unnoticed if not for you.


So, in conclusion, I hope I have elucidated the gratitude and how privileged I feel in getting to know you. In addition, I am truly appreciative that you have taken me under your wing. I must say, with complete earnestness, that I have never enjoyed a teacher’s personality and his lessons more than what I have experienced with you. It would be just incredible if I had a science teacher who could approach the subject with the same manner and attitude, in this, I feel you are truly unique. It is of no surprise you are recognised as an esteemed educator – justifiably.


It is my hope that we can stay in contact for the foreseeable future, and meet up in person where you could possibly sign my first book, who knows?


Yours sincerely,"

M. B. London May 2021

Dear Dr Bernstein,


Now that I have finished my studies, I wanted to let you know that you were my ‘shtender’. With your support from the back, I managed to stay… focused and learn so much.

English isn’t all that I’ve learnt in my life, but for the first time I wanted to try. I tried to learn and wished to succeed. Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Every week you made it fun to be on time.

With your passion and care I would not have been where I am today. I will never forget you and all I have learnt.

Your faithful student,


S. K. London June 2021

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