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As an educator with extensive experience, Dr. Bernstein is able to offer a wide range of professional services to schools, senior and leadership management teams and teachers.

Dr. Bernstein commutes abroad to service schools as well as delivering online Zoom classes, training programs and workshops, both 1:1 and in groups. 

School Improvement

School senior leadership and management teams often need guidance on :



Implementation and compliance documentation

Dealing with challenging pupils, teachers,

     parents or governors.

Preparing for inspections...

Teacher Training

Dr Bernstein offers a wide range of INSET

(In-Service Education and Training) programmes, including:

Classroom Management Skills: Basic,

     Intermediate, Advanced

Language in the Classroom

Lesson Observations

 Crisis Moments and Corridor Alternatives...

Contact Dr. Bernstein here and he will get back to you shortly to arrange either a pre-defined session/course or one tailor-made to your needs. 

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