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Remote Teacher Training - RTT

A new Performance Management Initiative

Imagine the following: you are learning to drive and during your lesson the driving instructor doesn't say anything to you at all– no suggestions,  guidance,  warnings or praise. You don't get any feedback until after the lesson or, worse still,  maybe after a day or two.


This is exactly the same scenario in the classroom when your lesson is being observed.  If you could have someone guiding you where necessary but allowing you the freedom to develop how helpful and confidence-building would that be?

This is the thinking behind RTT – your way of getting live and more comprehensive support as a classroom practitioner (teacher, TA, LSA  etc).

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How does it Work?

The lesson is monitored wirelessly.  The observer watches the lesson from their computer which is  connected remotely to the classroom.  When appropriate, the observer communicates to the teacher via a small earpiece. Such communication may include guidance and tips, designed to help and inform the teacher during the lesson. If the teacher wishes, the lesson can be recorded in order to revisit areas of strength and development.

What does an RTT session include?

According to the wishes of the person observed, it may include:

  • Pre-lesson briefing/tutorial

  • Observation of lesson with live support

  • Full written observation report based on the lesson

  • Personal oral feedback session, with coaching

  • Lessons can be recorded and  used in feedback session

For further information and to book an RTT session contact Dr. Bernstein.

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