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Educational Consultant and Respected Parenting Mentor

Four decades of teaching, training and mentoring

With four decades of experience in education internationally – teaching, teacher training and mentoring young and old, Dr. Bernstein has changed the lives of countless people in their professional and personal roles.

Trained in the UK, he has had the privilege of being a headmaster in Manchester, UK, and Sydney, Australia. 

Although he retired from full-time employment, he is continually sought after to troubleshoot schools, some in crisis in the UK system. 

Dr. Bernstein has a unique and energetic teaching, training and mentoring skill set. He listens to, guides and motivates people of all backgrounds. He is able to resolve family, work and pedagogic issues, whether simple or complex, faced by people of all ages.

He says: 

"I went in to teaching because I love teaching, love kids and wanted to make a difference to peoples’ lives.

I am here to help you"


Contact Dr. Bernstein or call now for a free, no-obligation chat.

☎ From UK : 0161 394 0074 or +972 (0)585 79 69 79.​


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Mentoring children

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